FMCG and Agri-food

Free-riding, lucid, flicker consumers… Price volatility of raw materials, more and more challenging public health and environmental issues, increased market share for retailer’s brands…

As many changes are now appearing for players on the FMCG and Agri-food sectors. And that need an upstream thought process from them. In order to ensure the durability of their products and the success of their innovations.

Understand, adapt and anticipate market trends. Differentiate from and place ahead competitors. More than ever, all these points are the keys to success in the FMCG and the Agri-food industries.


  • Identify consumers needs and expectations, future trends
  • Activate the levers for purchase
  • Detect market opportunities
  • Adapt your offer to the markets of emerging countries
  • Diversify your offer: new products, services
  • Improve, develop your brand image, increase your brand awareness
  • Define a strategy of customer loyalty
  • Boost your on-shelf visibility
  • Optimize the use of benchmarking databases with relevant indicators
  • Ensure the quality and inform to reassure consumers

Our Expertise

LDB Mica Research listens to you, assists you at every step of your product life cycle. We also help you to understand your market by providing you operational results, for optimal decision-making.

Market understanding & Opportunities Surveys

Expectations surveys
Usages and Attitudes
Image and Positioning (brand, product)

Customer Experience Surveys

Satisfaction surveys
SAT+ and QUAL+ surveys

Mix Assessment Surveys - Innovation & Development

Concept Use Test
Product Test
(specific methodology for children)
Packaging Test
Price Test

Brand & Communication Surveys

Pre / Post test of advertsing campaign
Name / Claims Tests
Brand Equity

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