Automotive and Mobility

Why Automotive & Mobility surveys?

More and more stringent environmental and regulatory contexts, increasing share of emerging markets, urbanization, connectivity, new mobility, autonomous driving…. As many mutations that consequently impact the automotive and mobility industry.

The role of the automobile is evolving. Mindsets as well, and new expectations encourage the development of new products and services.

In the era of immediacy, agility and responsiveness become essential in this highly competitive sector. And the development of alternative offers for mobility redistributes the cards. Long-standing players need to rethink their offer, as new players have to secure their position, and thus defining mobility in coming years.




  • Succeed in your international development
  • Adapt to new regulations
  • Define customers needs and expectations
  • Develop suitable products and services
  • Determine the potential of a product or service concept
  • Understand purchase behaviours and usage patterns
  • Understand customers decision-making in mobility (budget, attitudes and beliefs, status, constraints...)
  • Ensure your products and services quality
  • Improve, develop your brand image, increase your awareness
  • Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Enhance your distribution networks efficiency
  • Handle all your data and ensure their coherence
  • Develop human capital

Our Expertise

LDB Mica Research listens to you, helps you to understand your market changes and brings you customized, concrete and effective answers. Over 30 years of experience in in-depth verbatim collection, in order to illustrate and understand behaviours

Market understanding & Opportunities Surveys

Expectations surveys
Usages and Attitudes
Image and Positioning (brand, product)

Customer Experience Surveys

Sales and After-sales satisfaction surveys
SAT+ and QUAL+ surveys
Product quality research
1rst Buyers / Users surveys (products/services)

Brand & Communication Surveys

Pre / Post test of advertsing campaign
Name / Claims Tests
Brand Equity

Syndicated Surveys

Employees Surveys

Internal satisfaction
Perception of change
Evaluation of working tools and services dedicated to employees

Innovation & Development Surveys

Innovation tests
Car clinics

Contact centers Quality Monitoring


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Director - Automotive and Mobility Division
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