BtoB Business

The digital boom is now changing the customer experience and relationship in BtoB business (and consequently BtoB surveys).

First the digital boom allows customers to be more informed, more demanding and able to quickly turn to a competitor.

On the other hand it allows leading companies to differentiate themselves from competition by developing a new kind of relationship with their clients, more transparent, more confident, more interactive to better meet their needs.

In addition, a BtoB client is more involved in its purchase decision. Indeed, it represents financial and human investments for its company, and even beyond that some investments on its future.

Delighting its BtoB client. Whatever intermediary or final, it is a guarantee of loyalty and long-term relationship, also for the benefit of its/your final clients.


  • Better understand your clients, their expectations, their process of decision-making and purchase, in order to offer them the best customer journey and experience
  • Develop a client relationship suitable for every of your clients
  • Evaluate the performance of your different sales channels (off & online)
  • Improve your image among your clients
  • Better use all the available data to segment the customers and to quickly meet specific needs
  • Stand out from competitors by creating innovative products/Services and new experiences better answering your clients needs

Our Expertise

25 years experience in the interrogation of B2B targets. Full verbatim collection among this specific target to illustrate and understand behaviours and usages

Market understanding & Opportunities Surveys

Expectations surveys
Usages and Attitudes
Image and Positioning (brand, product, services)

Sales & After-Sales surveys

Customer journey / Contact points
Product/service quality research
SAT+ and QUAL+ surveys

Innovation & Development Surveys

Test of New products/services
Adaptation of the existing offer

Brand & Communication Surveys

Pre / Post test of advertsing campaign
Name / Claims Tests
Brand Equity


Catherine FRANCES

Managing Director
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Béatrice STEVENS

Market Research Division Director
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