Prospective and Innovation

Why conduct Prospective and Innovation surveys?

The ongoing uncertainty and complexity further increase the need for companies to identify all possible scenarios in the future and detect the main trends. In order to better define their strategy and by changing from a short to a medium and long term vision.

In times of crisis, prospective holds a central role for companies.
In order to gain more insights into the future of their business sector and to guide their development.

Depending on their sector, culture or management, every company can organize its prospective activity as they want.
Involving more than the general management but also other functions, especially teams dedicated to innovation, market research, business intelligence or R&D.


  • Anticipate the changes in your business sector
  • Launch new products/services
  • Have a medium/long term vision of your company and its environment, in order to build your strategy
  • Understand and anticipate the social trends
  • Describe new lifestyles

Our Expertise

BtoB and BtoC targets. Over 25 years of experience in full collection and in-depth analysis of verbatim. To understand and illustrate behaviours and usages:

Customer Knowledge & Expectations surveys

1st Byuers/Users surveys (products/services)

Usages and Attitudes (U&A) surveys

Image & Positioning Surveys


Brand perception

Benchmark (brand/products/services)

Test of concept for new products/services

Ad Hoc prospective surveys - Employees

To apprehend the future, identify all needs, evaluate the adhesion level to any project

Or to promote the initiatives, the solution finding by the employees

Hybrid methodologies

Quali / Quanti

Blogs / Online communities

Ethnographic surveys

Mirror surveys
(clients versus employees)

Multimodes surveys

Phone, Online, Face to Face, Self-administered

International scope

Surveys in France and abroad (45 countries)


Catherine Frances

Managing Director
Phone : +33(0)1 70 38 59 21
Mobile : +33(0)6 25 12 01 54

Béatrice STEVENS

Market Research Division Director
Phone : +33 (0)1 70 38 59 31
Mobile : +33 (0)6 60 45 20 93

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