HR and Social observation

Companies are now evolving in an unstable economic environment. This latter is upset by the globalization and the technological revolutions. Managing skills and talents is becoming a real priority for Human Resources (HR) Services in companies. As well as maintaining a peaceful social climate and optimizing costs.

To meet these challenges Human Resources management has gone through deep changes until playing a major role in companies. With an expanded scope, Human Resources activities have to implement projects that will match the new economic and social issues. In order to ensure companies growth.


  • Address priorities such as health, safety, satisfaction, well-being at work, and by giving to employees the opportunities to balance their work and family life
  • Detect and prevent dysfunctioning in the organization, demotivating factors and psychosocial risks
  • Develop the capacities and skills of your employees while integrating the growing place of new technologies at work
  • Create a strong engagement of employees (adhesion to the company objectives, stronger corporate culture) and turn them into company ambassadors
  • Assist managers through the change management process (stimulation and support) and allow the emergence of an organization based on more collaborative work

Our Expertise

Depending on your HR objectives, the LDB Mica Research dedicated team brings you customized research solutions and provides you with efficient measurement and decision-making tools. Our position of independent agency is a guarantee for employees to preserve the anonymity and the confidentiality of their responses. They are also more confident concerning the use of their feedback and express themselves more freely.

Employees Barometers

In order to get key indicators of the social climate in your company

Ad Hoc Internal Satisfaction surveys on specific issues

Strategy, organization, restructuration, ...

Working conditions, employees relationship,
communication, management,
employee engagement, work-related stress, employer brand, …

Ad Hoc prospective surveys - Employees

To grasp the future efficiently, identify needs, evaluate the adhesion to any project

Or to allow initiatives, solution finding by the employees, stakeholders in the development of the company, ...

Evaluation of
Working Tools & Services
dedicated to employees

New technologies
Concierge services ...

Internal Communication surveys

Impact Assessment of Seminars, Training, Communication supports / tools
(website / applications, magazines, …)

Readership surveys


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Market Research Division Director
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