Nowadays, customers are more and more demanding and volatile. “Always on”, they access an unlimited amount of information on the Web and share their experience on social networks. New more qualitative criteria come into play in the value assigned by the customers to services.

Any services company must also remain one step ahead of its competitors. Understand its customers needs and answer them quickly and efficiently, while keeping an attractive price, it is essential to convert the use into benefits for customers.


  • Develop the culture of service at every level of the company
  • Establish key indicators on the customers satisfaction for all touchpoints
  • Turn the satisfaction measure into quick actions, appreciated by the customers
  • Carry the values of the company and its brands through people and media
  • Better use all the available data to segment the customers and quickly meet specific needs
  • Efficiently use the different traditional media as the numeric ones to reach the identified target groups
  • Innovate and differentiate oneself to facilitate the customer experience, by anticipating its needs
  • Ensure a high-quality and constant customer contact in an acquisition and loyalty strategy

Our Expertise

Market understanding & Opportunities Surveys

Expectations surveys
Usages and Attitudes
Image and Positioning (brand, product)
Prospective surveys

Customer Experience Surveys

Satisfaction surveys
(customers, client services, claims, orders…)
1rst Buyers / Users surveys

Identifying loyalty levers
Understanding the reasons for drop-out

SAT+ and QUAL+ surveys
Customer journey / Contact points

Innovation & Development Surveys

Test of New services
Adaptation of the existing offer

Brand & Communication Surveys

Pre / Post test of advertsing campaign
Name / Claims Tests
Brand Equity

Contact centers quality monitoring


Catherine Frances

Managing Director
Phone : + 33 (0)1 70 38 59 21
Mobile : + 33 (0)6 25 12 01 54

Béatrice STEVENS

Market Research Division Director
Phone : + 33 (0)1 70 38 59 31
Mobile : +33(0)6 60 45 20 93