13 May 2019

Quality Monitoring to improve customer relationship


A satisfied customer is a loyal customer. The link between customer relationship and loyalty is no longer to be proven.

Thus, in recent years, companies have adopted the “customer centricity” strategy. They have developed many tools to understand and improve the customer experience.

Multi-channel, digitalized contact methods, training of agents for more skills, personalization. Or better reception, adapted handling of complaints and requests. To ultimately improve service quality.


In order to ensure the sustainability of service quality, performance measurement systems have been set up in parallel, in particular to assess the quality of the response provided. This process is called Quality Monitoring.

It consists of a homogeneous and objective evaluation of all exchanges with the client according to an evaluation grid:
– specific to the contact method and good practices of each company,
– including different dimensions. For example, understanding of the request, relevance of the solution provided, friendliness, courtesy, taking leave, waiting time…

The evaluation of interactions with customers is done by telephone listening, the reading of emails, letters, tchats

Then, it results in indicators as well as an operator performance score. And when a specialized software is implemented, these results can be accessed in real time via a results portal.

Quality Monitoring makes it possible to give concrete instructions to customers advisors. Thus, it provides functional levers for action to improve and monitor customer relationship on a continuous basis.


In addition,  satisfaction surveys on customer services are deployed.

Their results are compared with those of Quality Monitoring. To allow a better understanding of customer dissatisfaction and expectations.


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The LDB Mica Research team