22 July 2019

Which communication strategy for senior people?


There will be an increasing number of seniors over 65 on the planet in the coming years. In the next thirty years or so, they will represent more than 20% of the world’s population.

Although integrated into the brands’ communication strategies, they do not always feel well represented.

However, for companies, understanding this target presents real challenges. Since Western society is experiencing an increasing demographic ageing.


However, getting seniors to adopt a brand is not a simple matter:
  • Marketing managers must be subtle since seniors are experienced and demanding consumers.
  • Among companies and advertising agencies, managers are, on average, rather young (between 28 and 35 years old). It is therefore not easy to put yourself in the shoes of a generation two or three times older. However, anticipating the needs of seniors, understanding their doubts, or their values, is essential to ensure successful communication and thus generate their support.


A key element that needs to be considered when approaching this target is the evolution of senses:
  • For example, to overcome vision problems that tend to intensify with age, communications with contrasting visual elements, bigger typographies, and easy to decipher should be encouraged. The key to success is readability.
  • Or, hearing loss needs to be considered by choosing voices or sounds that have a tone compensating the loss of high frequencies.


Nevertheless, beware of preconceived ideas:

Despite their age-related characteristics, seniors are not resistant to novelty. Of course, they are loyal to a product when they are satisfied. But they also appreciate innovation, if it is relevant and provides them with some added value.


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