27 May 2019

3 digital trends identified


Here are 3 digital trends identified at the Bigboss’ Event that brought together global digital players in Greece at the beginning of May:


1. Measurable impact video

More than ever, video confirms its inescapable place in digital strategies, specifically short videos. 

People spend more and more time on their Smartphone and other social networks. They scroll every day, a distance of about 46 meters.

The goal is to be relevant and effective, and therefore to favor content containing “calls to actions”. It is interactive advertising in which the recipient is called to undertake an action sought by the advertiser. For example: click here, participate in the draw at spell, call 800 …

The videos have the advantage of improving the image of brands, optimize their SEO or generate emotion.


2. Influence to boost the brand

“I’m seeing a strong trend on the influence side,” says Cyril Kittel, Interflora’s Marketing Director. “The branding side takes precedence over the digital. Before, you had to make ROI, acquisition, business. Here, we give back power to the brand”.

A number of tools connect communities and brands, and help them create, manage, pilot and evolve their campaigns”.

Another subject: the development of nano-influence. It is about using influencers with fewer followers but having the ability to engage more with their community.


3. Accelerating access to information

Companies have every interest in looking at the optimization of their loading time on mobile or even privilege the AB / testing, as part of a user-centered thinking. It is to compare two versions of a web page or application to verify the one that is the most powerful.

“The mobile is very important because the consumption changes: people buy more and more on mobile,” said Regis Pennel, founding president of L’Exception. Before noting : “a delay in France in this area. The catching up is done now. Previously, for us, the tablet and the mobile, it was 50 to 60% of the traffic, 20 to 30% of the sales. Today, conversion rates between mobile and desktop are balanced”.


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