11 December 2019

THE CHATBOT: the customer service revolution?

In France, nearly 80% of companies plan to use chatbots in their customer service in the coming years.


What is a chatbot?

Chatbot (or in other words “conversational agent”) is a robot that uses artificial intelligence to address interlocutor requests. The chatbot will use the keywords typed by the user, his browsing history or his answers to a series of questions to provide personalized answers.


A chatbot is particularly capable of:
  • Providing instructions on a product/service usage
  • Guiding an Internet user in his purchase
  • Providing an answer regarding the follow-up of an order
  • Helping in the search for a product

These basic tasks constitute the majority of customer requests. Having a virtual agent dedicated to all these requests 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, allows service teams to focus on more complex problems requiring specific support.


Despite these advantages, some users do not seem convinced. 

According to a study conducted by Opinion Matters for the cloud publisher Freshworks:

  • 36% of consumers surveyed would prefer never to have to interact with robots
  • 92% even specified that they were frustrated by these interactions
  • 31% of users have already encountered problems with chatbots when solving a problem with a customer service


The implementation of chatbots in customer services of companies should therefore not be too fast.

As the algorithms developed must be sufficiently powerful in order not to generate frustration among users.


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