19 December 2018

Christmas 2018 in few figures

Gift budgets in decrease
89% of the French will buy Christmas presents (- 4 pts vs 2012)
For an average budget of 342 € (- 12% vs 2012)

The average budget spent on the Internet for Christmas is now closer to that spent in-store
189 € on the Internet vs 201 € in-store

Online shopping motivated by convenience:
Lack of rush: 58%
Ability to buy at any time: 49%
Best prices: 49%
… but penalized by the constraints of delivery
Concerns about not being delivered before Christmas: 40%
Unable to see / try the product: 39%
Amount of delivery charges: 36%

In-store purchases continue to keep their benefits:
Experience the Christmas atmosphere: 58%
Ability to see / try the product: 56%
Be able to have a product immediately: 48%

… and their disadvantages:
Christmas rush: 54%
Waiting time at the checkout: 40%

How to increase the purchase of Christmas presents online?
The requests of the French are unanimous:

Free delivery charges: 82%
Free shipping in case of exchange / refund of items: 80%
The ease in returns: 75%
Guaranteed delivery in 24h: 68%
The e-booking with immediate in-store pick up: 66%
The click & collect in less than one hour: 61%

Source : LSA – 30/10/2018

The LDB Mica Research team wishes you a Merry Christmas.