25 March 2019

Competitive packaging to boost sales

Packaging is both a communication, information, conservation and differentiation tool, and represent an essential variable in marketing.

Increasing competitiveness combined with market saturation, labelling standards, environmental concerns, consumer uses and expectations, place it more than ever at the heart of brand strategy to retain and attract consumers.


Good packaging must be able to meet the following ambitions:

  • contain simple, clear information: composition, nutritional values, instructions for use, etc…
  • be ergonomic, practical, adapted to the nature and mode of use of the product (opening device)
  • in line with the brand image
  • ecological and recyclable
  • be aesthetic and innovative (shapes, colours, materials, etc.) to stand out from its competitors on shelves


Packaging can be decisive in the consumer’s purchasing process.

It must capture his attention, seduce him, convince him… Strengthen his confidence through the information provided and the easiness to use the product…

Because “The consumer must know what to buy and why he will buy within 15 seconds… otherwise you have lost him” (Parisa Zander, American author).


You plan to change the packaging of your product?

LDB Mica Research is at your disposal. To propose you tailor-made methodologies and set up packaging tests adapted to your issues, contact us.