1 April 2019

Customer experience: French brands are lagging behind!


While customer experience is at the heart of companies business strategy, a recent report published by Forrester indicates that only 3% of consumers believe they have a good experience with brands present in France.

At the same time, France is also the country with the lowest number of customer experience managers: 34% vs. 44% overall.


The years 2019 / 2020 will be pivotal to ensure the sustainability of brands, as the impact of the customer experience on business performance is undeniable. In this context, French companies have become aware of this delay. 88% of them also consider customer experience as a priority for 2019.

They agree on the following 3 principles:

1) Understanding the customer journey is a key element:

The customer journey must be simple and fluid regardless of the contact channel. Consumers, over-informed and impatient, have become “painpoint intolerant”, meaning that any moment of tension or frustration in their customer journey has become unbearable to them.

And a bad experience can be very damaging: according to a global Accenture study, it takes, on average, 12 positive experiences to compensate for a single unresolved negative experience.

It should also be noted that nearly 70% of consumers do not want to start from scratch when they contact the same company again via a different channel.


2) Reinventing the customer experience must be done from the field:

Listening to and observing the customer in the field allows a brand to better identify and understand its customer in order to define the points of friction or dissatisfaction.


3) Digital transformation has a strong impact on organizations:

Thus seven of the ten most profitable companies (Amazon, Apple, Alibaba, Microsoft,…), 70% of start-ups having exceeded one billion dollars and “unicorns” (Airbnb, Uber,…) offer an economic model based on a digital platform.

However, only 2% of other companies do so!


What are the trends for the coming months?

Forrester highlighted three main trends to be followed:

  • The risk of using price war as a differentiating factor between brands instead of capitalizing on the customer experience
  • The refocusing of B2B companies on the notion of Customer Success Management in order to strengthen the quality of the customer experience in the after-sales phase
  • The rising power of user experience experts, such as designers, within organizations


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