14 October 2019

In a time of ecology and electrical system, can the plane take the plunge?


Ecology has become a major concern for new generations, public opinion and corporate marketing of companies.

For the consumer, the “established targets” are plastic, transport and industry polluting emissions or anything that is not local, organic or chemical-free.

Companies are trying to adapt more or less well to these new behaviours and we have seen the emergence of products and services in recent years in response: second hand electronic products platform, democratization of organic products, biodegradable packaging, banning of plastics…


In transports, more precisely, we have seen the appearance of new behaviours: carpooling, electric car, scooter….

And one of the most polluting ways of transport today is still the plane. But can it ever join the world of electrical transport?

Is it technically possible? Will trust be there for travellers?


So, if today no aircraft of this kind exists or has flown into the sky, it should be known that developments have begun.

NASA is working on the “X-57 Maxwell”, nicknamed X-Plane, for which it is currently conducting ground tests before moving on to flight tests.

Volotea (a low-cost airline) has partnered with a start-up to develop a hybrid model that would allow between 19 and 35 passengers to travel on short flights within 5 years. The all-electric model with a 2030 objective.

Easyjet is also aiming for a target for 2030 with a London – Amsterdam flight for 150 to 180 passengers.

In the race to the electric plane, we can also mention Scandinavian Airlines & Airbus, Rolls Royce….


 So will you soon be able to go on holiday crossing the oceans above the clouds, in an almost silent atmosphere typical of electric motors?

Will air pollution and aircraft noise soon be a thing of the past?

See you in 2030 for the first answers!


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