5 June 2019

Emotional marketing, what for?


Many professionals tend to swear by accounting results without really considering the “emotion shared”.

However, they forget that to obtain results and figures, the first step is to deliver an experience to customers in order to try to get them to buy and then to build their loyalty..

It is important to remember that without an emotional bond, a brand is nothing more than a label.

To conquer a market or maintain their leadership position, companies must therefore integrate human emotion into their marketing thinking.


Some examples of companies that have made emotional marketing a strategic pillar:
  • Veepee (formerly “Ventes Privées”) plays on fear with short and good deals that the customer will miss if he does not act in a short enough time.

This fear of missing something will trigger a much more irrational purchase than expected.

  • Or, at Nutella, you will hear about figures, margins, shelf presence, rotation, stock, innovation… but above all we will talk to you about the experience that everyone, young and old, has built with the brand.


The challenge is to measure the impact of emotional content, even though it is more complicated than counting numbers. 

With this in mind, the development of a new generation of emotional analysis tools allows brands to focus on quality, rather than quantity.

These tools measure emotions such as joy, surprise, anger, frustration and explain how they impact success. Is the emotional bond created deep? Does it last beyond a single sale?

Briefly, the idea is to determine how the emotions felt impact the decision-making process by addressing directly the irrational part of the brain.


Do you have a survey project?  Contact-us.

We will be able to propose you a tailor-made methodology of qualitative and/or quantitative survey, to answer your problematic in marketing, communication, quality, satisfaction & relation customer / collaborators or innovation.

The LDB Mica Research team

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