4 March 2019

How can a company succeed in the new world of accelerated digitalisation?


Here are 5 areas of development that we find relevant, to optimize the activity of a company in the current context of accelerated digitalisation, according to the study Living Business:


  • Detect and realise new growth opportunities:

89% of the leaders of the most successful companies think that you have to reinvent your business in order to succeed in the context of today.

Identify, understand and anticipate the needs and expectations of your customers, especially in your market research approach.

Target innovative, disruptive projects, approach your issues from a new angle.

Identify areas of profit beyond your business core, optimize your costs.


  • Define a better experience for your customers, innovative and hyper-relevant, to retain them:

64% of consumers swap without hesitation from one brand to another, if the first is not relevant enough in his proposal.

Act on insights derived from advanced analysis of customer data (Surveys / CRM), designer new customer experiences.

Optimize the customer journey, personalize the relationship.

Innovate on the marketing value chain (product / service offer, sales, advertising, communication, customer relations), since expertise alone is no longer enough to attract and retain a customer.


  • Being able to deliver new experiences to your clients according to their profile and strengthen customer engagement …. To make them co-creators of your business:

93% of the leaders of the most successful companies believe that the ability to deliver is critical to the success of the business.

Rely on agile technology platforms, build these new experiences with prototyping.

Quickly test growth initiatives.

Optimize operations for dynamic execution between different sales channels.


  • Rely on your best allies, your eco-system of business and technology partners:

91% of the leaders of the most successful companies consider themselves to be excellent in their collaboration with their partners, beyond the traditional industrial links.

Develop new links with your traditional partners.

Connect your employees and partners with data via cloud platforms.

Rely on reliable and transparent customer data sharing.


  • Develop a new culture combining the human factor and artificial intelligence, targeted to the customer:

93% of the leaders of the most successful companies think they are excellent in their ability to adapt their organization to the benefit of the customer.

Work in a “customer-first” approach, review the organization of services to allow customer focus.

Improve productivity through flexible work tools that strengthen working relationships.


Do you have a market research project focused on Customer Experience?

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The LDB Mica Research Team


Source: Living Business Study – Accenture, realised among 23 000 consumers and 1000 business leaders, in 8 industries and 33 countries

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