24 September 2019



A new technique of quality research is beginning to emerge: hypnosis. A method that consists in entering the customers’ unconscious and understanding the true meaning of their desires.

Why does a person buy a product? And why this brand rather than another?

Marketing managers study behaviors to find out what leads to a particular person’s decision.

The only concern is that consumers are not just rational economic agents… And many of their choices remain wrapped up in their unconscious, hidden from deductive logic.

Marketing managers know this: they would like to penetrate the undersides of their customer’s language. Access the real reasons for an impulse purchase, understand the success of a packaging or a logo colour. But so many symbols remain mysterious….


The objective of these qualitative study sessions is to get into people’s memories, to go beyond thought words, to relive strong experiences and have access to “an inner reality”.

In concrete terms, the Qualitative Hypnologist first organizes the first group meeting in order to choose the most receptive people.

In a second step, the specialist selects certain so-called receptive people and receives them individually to explore more deeply the specific aspects of the brand by alternating between phases of conscious work and phases under hypnosis.

In total, over 1h30 of interview, the person spends 30 to 45 minutes in a state of hypnosis and delivers emotional insights on the product, the brand or its supports.

The results are very rich: a woman who finds hidden memories to talk about packaging colour, men who brainstorm hand in hand for a sports brand, imagine themselves as a garment, doctors who go back to the myths of the Egyptian wounds to talk about the symbol of band-aids….


The tricky question of ethics remains.

If the law does not regulate these practices, brands could be very interested in going beyond traditional studies.

Hypnosis is still unknown to the wider public and can be frightening because, very often, this practice remains associated with a form of manipulation.


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– Etudes – tendances : le marketing s’attaque à l’inconscient des clients