14 January 2019

How to reinvent Customer Experience in the digital age?

With the explosion of digital and its new players – the digital giants GAFA, the NATU, Netflix, Airbnb, Tesla, Uber or Start-ups – who place customer culture and relationship at the heart of their development, companies are now forced to rethink both their products/services and their customer approach.

The interview of Malika Kaoua, Partner in charge of the Customer Excellence Practice of Sopra Steria Consulting, published on the webmarketing-com, provides concrete actions to transform the Customer Relationship & Experience.
Some concrete actions which we implement in our business practices:


1) Listen to customers: to know their motivations, expectations and frustrations.

To test with them the products/services defined with them, but also with the operational teams or the partners to improve the value proposition

2) Create Metrics oriented on: Customer Expectations, Business Ecosystem and Symmetry of Attention (customer / employee satisfaction),
  • No longer rely on internal process cipher indicators, kpis,
  • Take into account the customer’s overall project, intention around the basic offer. And also, allow all the actors involved to react quickly and anticipate dissatisfaction
  • Transform human working methods, organization, skills


3) Activate the levers of customer satisfaction:</font color>
  • Evaluate the level of customer satisfaction at each stage of his journey, to check whether the customer promise is kept or improve it,
  • Customize offers and customer journey: upstream / downstream of the act of purchase alone, taking into account the customer’s environment, allow him to access the proposed offer in the best possible way, with additional offers of products/services
  • Test the new offers continuously, based on an omni-channel production structure
  • Accelerate customer care & anticipate the frustrations:

Using data analysis tools (machine learning, semantic analysis …), respond more quickly to customer needs,
Be able to respond to the emotional situation of the client in difficulty,
Anticipate possible customer dissatisfactions in an individual situation and/or a particular context (Access, Mobility, Connectivity dimensions)

4) Approach prospects according to their needs / intentions or their life projects:

To understand their ecosystem and place yourself on the value chain the most upstream and downstream possible, for a complete and personalized offer

5) Create Customer Engagement in the long term, outside the commercial relationship:

Guarantee a level of customer satisfaction higher than the standard, to position yourself afterwards as a partner of the customer, by proposing other complementary offers, paying or not, throughout the relation (additional applications, “the little more”)
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Read the interview of Malika Kaoua

For further food for thought: The White Paper “How to succeed and accelerate your digital transformation project”, by Sopra Steria Consulting, for the attention of all the business functions of the company (CMO, COO, HRM, ISD, IT, CIO), that offers a complete focus on customer-oriented digital transformation.