23 April 2019

Predictive studies: what are the challenges?


Currently, data management represents a real challenge for brands and media agencies that face real obstacles.

According to the Forrester study conducted in August 2017*, marketing managers are increasingly looking to use predictive technology and Artificial Intelligence to make use of the large volume of data at their disposal.

Artificial Intelligence consists in implementing different techniques allowing machines to reproduce a form of real intelligence.

Predictive analysis is one of the AI uses that call on technologies to analyze data and statistics in order to develop forecast or predictive hypotheses. 


The Challenges:

For 82% of marketing managers surveyed in the Forrester study, using AI and predictive technology is a necessity to remain competitive.

However, today only 30% of marketing managers report using their own data to better understand the consumer’s need.

This step is essential if the brands want to:

  • Reach potential customers at the accurate moment when they are likely to interact positively with the exposure of an advertisement
  • Send them a message designed to their customer journey
  • While remaining competitive


The Risks:

The appeal of AI and predictive analytics projects is growing. However, it is particularly easy to make mistakes and complicated to detect errors in time to avoid decision making based on incorrect predictive analysis.

Companies must therefore proceed with caution, particularly by training their employees and working with competent and experienced partners.



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* The Next Wave of Digital Marketing is Predictive ewas conducted by Forrester Agency for Rocket Fuel among 579 marketing managers in 6 countries (Australia, France, Germany, Italy, UK, USA)

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