28 January 2019

Can we do product tests with children?

When children are the main consumers of a product or service in a household, their influence in the parents’ purchasing process is decisive. 

Children are therefore an important marketing target. But market research tests carried out with them are not always easy to interpret and exploit. Which makes it difficult for brands to define a marketing strategy.

In general, tests conducted with children are a “simplification” of tests with adults. But if an appropriate approach is used, the tests provide relevant and usable results.


Children need special training during the tests to enable them to use their abilities to the fullest.

Of course, the adaptation of the wording of the questions, the scale used, the language used, the contact, is fundamental.

In addition, given their difficulty in remaining focused on an activity, research has shown that work on child involvement is necessary to maximize their attention and concentration.
Experience shows that when children feel involved, they respond appropriately to the questions they are asked.


LDB Mica Research offers a child-friendly methodology for product testing, allowing a reliable market research on this target group, which is increasingly involved in purchasing decisions. 

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