29 July 2019

Teleworking: the office of tomorrow?
In this period of heatwave on France and when temperature records are being broken in Europe, the government is inviting the French to favour teleworking.


But what is teleworking?

Teleworking means working remotely and not in the company’s offices. All you need is a computer and an Internet connection to be able to work in this way.
Most of the time, telework is done from home.
But why would it represent tomorrow’s office?


Well, the latter has several advantages for both the company and the employee:

– Reduction in transport time (1 hour 14 minutes per day on average in France) and therefore reduction in pollution (72% of workers use the car) and more personal time for the employee
– Quieter and more comfortable working environment, flexible working hours (more flexibility in professional life / personal life) and therefore increased efficiency
– Cost of one less office (between 150 and 500€ per month per employee)


With one detail, telework does not adapt to all jobs.

Some need specific equipment, to be in contact with a team, customers… And it will therefore only concern a part of the population, used to working with a combo computer / internet / cloud.


And like all things, it also has disadvantages:

– Loss of social cohesion, team cohesion
– Difficulties for managers to distribute the workload properly
– IT security risks

Some try to overcome these disadvantages by offering intermediate solutions:

coworking space closer to home, teleworking one day a week or at the employee’s choice…


Teleworking is therefore part of the vision of the business of the future, provided that it remains a flexible possibility and not the future norm for companies.


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