19 February 2019

The new challenges of automotive after-sales service


Automotive after-sales service is facing trends that are totally reshaping the market.

It is now essential, especially for historical players, to understand the new specificities and to take the turn of this market in the midst of a revolution.


Above all, while the ageing of the fleet offers opportunities, the improved reliability of vehicles, the modification of uses (such as the more rational use of cars), or the use of alternative modes of transport are factors that should weigh on demand.

The digital revolution is also driving new business models, that can change the whole value chain.

In this sense, the development of connected technologies represents a major challenge: real-time diagnosis of the vehicle’s condition, automatic appointment scheduling, etc.


In parallel, the development of electric and hybrid powertrains is about to radically change repair needs. For instance, these new powertrains require less maintenance operations, or a modification of breakdown types, etc…


On the other hand, at a time of the “uberisation” of multiple activity sectors, automotive after-sales service is no exception. And all players must now rely on a real digital strategy.

All of these are part of the new challenges of automotive after-sales service!


Therefore, the main challenges include a more up-to-date understanding of the customer journey and a rethinking of customer relations as a whole:

  • The use of social networks and community spaces
  • But also the complementary nature of sales channels (physical stores, e-commerce sites and connected devices)


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