29 April 2019

Electric scooter: a new player in mobility ?


In Paris or in other capitals of the world, you could not miss them!

People running at full speed, on the street, the sidewalk, it’s time for the electric scooter!

Implemented in the metropolitan areas where means of transport goes well with saturation, delay – and where the representation of the car goes well with traffic jams and pollution – electric scooters quickly found their public.

They have emerged as a new mode of rapid and ecological mobility.

The success is such that there are no less than 10 operators today in Paris! From De Lime the pioneer to Jump the latest of Uber.


But this success – at least a success of implementation by its companies – can it be a standard to make the electric scooter a real means of transport and a new player mobility?

If we take the case of Bird, it offers to use a model developed by Xiaomi (Chinese company that is beginning to be recognized for its smartphones), which sells that model to individuals for a sum of 400 €.


And if the electric scooter left big cities to overcome not a saturation of the means to move but a lack of transport supply in towns and villages of smaller size?

Because some electric scooters are considered as motor vehicles!

And yes, if those rented in Paris are limited to 24km / h (the law imposing a maximum of 25Km/h), some models can exceed 50km /h, or even 70km /h!


But, with a disruption in mobility habits, some adaptations of the society always happen. 

Indeed, as soon as they arrived in capital cities, electric scooters invaded sidewalks since they could be left anywhere. Similarly, the numerous accidents and clashes have resulted in regulation …

Today, we drive on road or on bike paths, we leave our electric scooter on designed locations or we try to park it and even if it is not yet mandatory… We wear a helmet!


So will electric scooter end as the most confidential SegWay ? Or will it really become a “must-have” of mobility?

Let’s still give it the benefit of doubt…


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The LDB Mica Research Team


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